Vortragsreise in Südindien

Unser Fachbereich Vermessung und Geoinformatik pflegt seit mehr als 15 Jahren den wechselseitigen Austausch mit indischen Hochschulen. Neben der CEPT University ín Ahmedabad zählen dazu […]

Workshop: OGC and its Geospatial Interoperability Standards

Workshop: OGC and its Geospatial Interoperability Standards If you are interested in this seminar, please contact Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Behr, e-mail: franz-josef.behr [at] hft-stuttgart.de! This workshop gives an introduction and overview over the application of the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium. Technological Foundation – an overview Introduction to Web-Technologies, Basic Principles of Web Services […]


ICA-OSGeo-Lab: Laboratory for interoperable, and open-source Geospatial Software, Data and Standards Description The laboratory aims the evaluation, usage and dissemination of open-source IT and geospatial software technologies, open data, and open standards by intergration of these resources in teaching and research. Objectives of the lab are to provide an understanding and knowledge about Open Source […]