Daniela Palacios, Maria Prama, Selamawit Amdie and Alexander Steinbrück, students of our Master course in Photogrammetry and Geo-informatics, were invited to the annual conference of the Europa NASA Challenge, which this year took place in Trento, Italy from the 20th – 22nd of September 2016.

Daniela Palacios (Mexico), Maria Prama (Bangladesh), Selamawit Amdie (Ethiopia) and Alexander Steinbrück (Germany), assisted to the conference to present their web application for Monitoring Nuclear Power Plant Emissions, which was developed as an open source application over the NASA Web World Wind API.

The project started as an assignment for the course of Customization, Internet and Visualization (CIV) and under the supervision of Prof. Volker Coors, the project was submitted to participate in the Europa NASA Challenge contest. The Web Application ranked among the best 5 projects and the students were invited to present their work to the other participants.

During the three days conference, the students had the opportunity to meet other teams and worked together in a set of activities aimed to discover modern solutions for sustainable development in Trento.

This experience was priceless for the students and they are glad that the University offers this kind of opportunities.

NASA World Wind Challenge 2016: HFT Students among top five projects
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