Dear delegates, dear colleagues, dear friends,

as the co-founder of the AGSE series of conferences it is a pleasure and honor for me to welcome you as participants of the 6th International AGSE Conference entitled ‚Geospatial Momentum for Society and Environment” and of the ISPRS workshop ‘Innovative Learning Tools’.
It is a very special event and location with regard to two aspects:

  • After six years being held in different countries, AGSE comes back to India where it was initiated in 2008.
  • The conference is hosted by our partner university, the CEPT University.

The AGSE conferences are not only for the international experts. Their aim is also to disseminate the knowledge the application of Geospatial technology, science, and data to practitioners and to the public. It is supported by international alumni of HFT Stuttgart, academic experts as well as by users around the world.
It is about empowerment and border-crossing collaboration to make spatial science and technology useful for society and environment.

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