Seminar „XML Technologies in the Field of Geoinformatics“

This seminar is offered world-wide.

For terms and conditions, please contact Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Behr, e-mail: franz-josef.behr [at]!

This workshop gives an introduction and overview over the family of XML based languages. Participants will learn what XML is, how XML languages are defined, and how they can define their own application schemes. In addition the usage of XML in several fields of Geospatial information technologies is presented.

Session 1
  • XML – Introduction, general aspects (0.5 h)
    • Document Object Model (DOM) (0.5 h)
    • XML-Namespaces (1 h, incl. short exercise)
  • XHTML: Learning essential elements
Session 2
  • Introduction: Defining the structure of XML documents
    • Document Type Definitions (0.5 h)
    • XML Schema Definitions (3 h)
      • Basics
      • Inheritence
      • Examples from the geospatial field
  • Styling XML data: CSS

Session 3
  • Transforming XML instances
Session 4
  • XML Schema Definitions: Practise (1.5 h)
  • Hints on XPath, XLink, XPointer

Session 5
  • XML in the context of GI Services
  • GetCapabilities Response of WMS and other OGC services
  • Editing your own XML Metadata
  • XML based languages in GI Technology
  • GeoRSS (0.5 h)
  • KML (0.3 h)
Session 6
  • XML based languages in GI Technology (cont’d)
  • GML (2 h)
    • Example
    • Geometries
    • Practise: Defining your own GML Application Domain Extension